2017 Tax Order Form FAQ's

How many forms come per page?

W-2 VI, 1099 Miscellaneous and most tax forms come 2 per page. So if you are ordering tax forms for, say, 100 individuals you will receive 50 sheets of each copy. However, a few 1099 and 1098 forms do come 3 forms per page.

Do you sell quantities of less than 100?

The W-2 VI and 1099M come in packaged sets of 100 - and now by popular demand – packages of 10. See pricing on front of Order Form.

What are the printer requirements?

Most tax forms are made for laser or ink jet printers. So for example, a W-2 laser form will have 5 separate laser sheets. A few forms (but not W-2’s) are available as continuous that require a dot matrix or “impact” printer.


What kind of envelopes do I need?

The double window envelopes for W-2VIs vs. 1099s and 1098s are slightly different. Please be sure to specify which envelope(s) you need and we will match the envelope to the forms you order. Also available in self seal so please specify on the 2014 Order Form .

Do I need transmittal forms?

All W-2s, 1099s and 1098s require a transmittal form. The W-2 VI form requires a W-3 SS, the 1099s & 1098s use a 1096. The Transmittal forms can be ordered individually for $1 each on the 2014 Order Form.  

How much is shipping?

Shipping by US Postal Service Priority Mail is provided to the left. If you desire another means of shipping please check box for OTHER on the front of form.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions particularly for any tax forms not listed on the 2017 Order Form. WE DO NOT PROVIDE TAX ADVICE – if you are unsure which forms you need please consult with your accountant or tax advisor.

 **PLEASE NOTE: Orders submitted with payment in advance by December 1, 2017 will receive a 10% discount including shipping. Orders received by this date will have first priority, with the anticipated shipping date of December 15th.


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